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Most pictures were taken at Belgian and Dutch harbours.

But also a lot of photographs are taken at ports allover Europe, beyond a few expectations who were taken out of Europe.


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The information of the vessels are based on the IMO number of the ENI number of the vessel

The pictures are divided into 9 different categories:

  • Car carriers, Ro-Ro, RoCon, Ferries
  • Containerships
  • Dredgers, Workboats, Pontoons, Floating sheerlegs
  • Fishing boats
  • Gas tankers
  • General cargo, Frozen cargo, Bulk carriers
  • Passengers, Cruises vessels
  • Tankers for oil and chemicals
  • Tugs: Pushers, Anchor Handling Tugs, Anchor Handling Tugs/Supplier, Platform Supply Vessels, Craned Platform, Support vessels
  • Other vessels: Research, Crew boats, Pilots, Survey, Patrol, Rescue, Costum, Coastguard, Geotenical