Strilborg 04

Raftsunsdet, Norway 28 September 2017


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Raftsunsdet 28/09/17   Sortland 28/09/17





Anchor handling tug / Supply / Rescue / Oil Recovery

Type UT722



Call sign




Port of registry



2.9236 t


Summer: 2.750 t


1.045 t


77,90 m overall

64,40 m between perpendiculars


18,03 m extreme


Summer: 6,61 m


8,00 m to main deck


Max.: 16,8 knots

Service: 14,5 knots



Keel laid


Launch date


Date of completion



Aukra Industrier AS

Yard number


Hull material



Transverse: 4

Main engine

2x Caterpillar 3616 DITA - 4 stroke single acting diesel engines

Output; 5.420 kW / 7.371 bhp

Total 14.742 bhp


2x Ulstein controllable pitch propellers in nozzle - 4 blades


2x Auxiliary boiler, oil/gas fired

Shaft generator

2x AvK shaft generators, rating each 2.400 kVA at 1.200 rpm, / 3x 440 Volt, 60 Hz


2x Caterpillar 3406 DIT diesel engines each 270 kW coupled with generators type SR4 - 449 each 317 kVA / 3x 440 Volt, 60 Hz at 1.800 rpm

Emergency generator

1x Caterpillar 3304 DIT diesel generatorset

Bow thruster

2 x Ulstein electric driven each 883 kW at 1.200 rpm (One bow and one stern )

Bollard pull

165,5 t

Capstans & towing pins

2x Capstans: 5,0 t each

4x Towing pins: diameter 350 mm

Deck machinery


One combined windlass/towing winch.

Towing drum 300 m 44 mm diameter wire + 25,00 m of

104 mm diameter synthetic rope.

One spare winch for towing wire.

Towing and Anchor Handling Winch System.

One 300 t towing and anchor handling winch

consisting of: One towing drum capacity 1.560 m of 76 mm diameter wire.

Two Anchor handling drums capacity 1.390 m of 76 mm diameter wire.

One spare wire reel on top of towing winch capacity

1.450 m of 76 mm diameter wire.

Brake holding load:

400 t on towing drum 1 st. layer

430 t on anchor handling drum 1 st. layer

Cable lifters:

2x Non declutch able cable lifters, two of diameter 84 mm and 2x for diameter 76 mm rig chain mounted on the lower shaft

Pennant winch:

1x Pennant winch 15 t

Wire capacity 2x 1.000 m diameter 76 mm wire

Tugger winches:

2x Tugger winches 12 t

Wire capacity 100 m diameter 19 mm wire

Deck space

36,00 x 15,00 m

Total: 570 m²

Max. deck load

1.300 t

Dry Bulk

284 m³ (10.000 ft³)

Cargo discharging pumps

Fuel oil/ORO: 1x 250 m³/h - 9 bar

DW/Ball/ORO: 1x 250 m³/h - 9 bar

Pot water: 1x 250 m³/h - 9 bar

Liq. mud: 3x 75 m³/h - 18 bar each

Brine: 2x 100 m³/h - 18 bar each

Methanol: 2x 75 m³/h - 9 bar each

Base oil: 1x 125 m³/h - 9 bar

Pipe line connections

Fuel oil: 4” Avery Hardol

Pot water: 4” Weco female

Drill water: 4” Weco female

Brine: 4” Weco female

Liquid mud: 4” Weco female

Methanol: 4” Avery Hardol

Base oil: 3” Avery Hardol

Tank capacities

Fuel oil: 1.116 m³

Drill water: 904 m³

Potable water: 715 m³

Brine: 302 m³

Liquid mud: 538 m³

Methanol: 121 m³

Oil rec.: 1.500 m³

Base oil: 240 m³

Ballast: 1.353,5 m³

Fire fighting

Fi Fi, DnV class I and II

2x FIFI pumps installed on each main engine type Nijhuis Pompen HGTF 1-450800H - Capacity 3.600 m³/h each – Total 7.200 m³/h

2x FIFI monitors type Jason FM 400 HD

Water spraying system for self-protection

The monitors are operated by a hydraulic remote

control/joystick from bridge

Lifting equipment

1x ABAS deck crane, Elbow Derrick.

Type: KDE 150-EH-12000/5400 - 15 M - SWL 10,0 t, constant tension force.

1x HLM deck crane: type 40-4S 13 M - SWL 750 kg


2x 1 men cabins with dayroom and bedroom

7x 1 men cabins

4x 2 men cabins

4x 4 men cabins

Total 33 bunks , all cabins are equipped with WC and


Navigation equipment

1x Electronic chart system; Telchart T-2121

1x 10 cm ARPA radar Furuno Far-2137 S BB

1x 3 cm ARPA radar Furuno FAR-2117 BB

1x GPS type Garmin 120

1x GPS type Trimble NT 200D w/diff.

2x GYRO type Anschutz STD 20 110-222

1x Autopilot type Anschutz Pilot star-D

1x Echo-sounder type Skipper GDS 101

1x Doppler log type JRC J LN

1x Weather fax type Furuno Fax A3

1x GPS type Seatex DGPS DPS 116

Dynamic positioning system


SDP system type Simrad SDP 21

Differential GPS type Seatex DPS 116

Fanbeam lasser

HPR HiPAP Model 2007

Communication equipment

The Radio installation are according to GMDSS-A3(World


MW/SW Tranceiv. contr.unit; Sailor RE-2100

MW/SW SSB Message term.l;Sailor H-2098

MW/SW SSB Monitor type Sailor H-1253

MW/SW SSB Transm. 250W; Sailor T-2130

MW/SW Telex receiver type Sailor RM-2151

MW/SW DSC receiver type Sailor RM-2150

MW/SW Duplex receiver type Sailor R-2120

1x VHF Simplex type Sailor RT-2048

1x VHF Duplex type Sailor RT-2048

2x VHF Dupl. DSC Digital; Sailor RT-2042

Immarsat B type Furuno Felcom 81 ph./fax

Immarsat C Telex type Sailor TX/RX

Navtex Type Sailor NT 900

VHF Radio Dir. Finder; Skipper TD-L1520

Free-Float Emerg. Beacon; Jotron 40 S

Helicom Radio type Jotron TR 960

Helibeacon type Telesupply TS1

Weather facsimile type Furuno Fax-208 MK II

2x Search and Rescue transponders

6x UHF portable type Motorola/Ascom

3x UHF Motorola type GM 380

1x AIS Furuno Type FA 100

Rescue and lifesaving equipment

The vessel is arranged and equipped for 300 survivors according to NMD-rules

The following Rescue/Lifesaving equip. is onboard:

1x Mare Safety GTC 700

1x Alusafe 700

1x Dacon Rescue Scoop

3x Search lights, remote contr. from bridge

Hospital with treatment bench, stretchers, medicine

lockers, intercom and direct ship to shore communication.

Medical equipment/medicines in acc. to NMD


Simon Møkster Shipping AS
Skogstøstraen 37
4029 Stavanger

Registered owner

Simon Møkster Rederi AS

Latest data adjustment

04 January 2018